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Posted in Life always Began on June 28, 2002 by duwenk

“you`re coming back” what he say? From DG 800. Adussss…Very abstrak.. what can i do? Last 2 weeks ago, im calling my parents.. he said. ” Balik le kalo nak balik. how much your returning ticket?”. Imposible.. before there, im told my mother i want back to home coz im holiday.. but she not accept me to coming back.. arghhhhhhhhh !! im tention again.. But Now she told me up to me for back to home or no…

Everything that way after im finished my holidays program.. I must to improve my Arabic languge and any knowlage at here.. About discausion, translet paper, tafaqquh turath, and anything.

Next troble in Improving my Bi Languge. I think to studies at British Counsil ini holiday.. arhghhhh…. what can i do? Im never say to my family about this.. im haven’t money to make it our program…. May Allah help me.. Aminn.