In holidays, im make a many plans and programs but now i can’t be a start coz i have a problems. Fuhhhh !! What a problems mc? I have’t not idea…

yesterday we (i n roomate) join to hard Rock Cafe In Cairo… just for relaes … And i both something at that place.. One T-Shirt Hard Rock.. Dam’it.. I think Hard Rock Cafe at here different with any country. In Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and another country.

S**t.. Im very angry coz it. This T-shirt i think not Original.. fuhh… Ugi 60 pound… Tak pe la.. next time im swear i never go that place.. Damn…

Insya-Allah in sunday i wanna go to Hussain ,.. just 4 Round and buy what i want it.. and find a New book’s about islamic society and ‘Jubah’ to present my Papa-mama. OOoO i must quickly b’coz at 8 July my Uncle come back to Malaysia.. i have a 2 day’s only…

Stay n Looking for programers -it’s me- ha ha ha , hope succes and….. and what?? to be continue… gtg

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