A Vindicated. U will be alright!


“Your are Vindicated!”
“No, i was wrong”
“Whos told that?”
“No, i am”.
“Pray for God! Pray with your heart! Pray just no talk!”
“No, i am. I disabsolved. Unexculpated. I am”.
“No, pray for God! Pray no ended”
“But, but.. i cant do nothing..just followd those people”


i know u lost now
your ratio duno how
.. left and right have no sign
to look at around
walling straight stuck behind

i know u cant down
your thinkd have not done
.. up and down hard to find
to running not around
living on dark but had a sunshine

the truth hiden by light
fight of pour stars laughing
to up ur ways..
to up ur days..

because of between love
tht already began
not falling found
not flowing in the wind
till now.. u cant count

because those u came
thru side blood canot u shame
those people kind of
no mist, no haze no worst
those kind of your heart
u will be alright!!

im here to not dreaming
im here to not dreaming
im here to not dreaming

im here to not dreaming
thinks like im sleeping
even dreaming the night
dreaming alright!!




13 Responses to “A Vindicated. U will be alright!”

  1. im not dreaming!!

  2. i want to go to that magical place in the land of sleep
    where i can find the truth in the leaves that falls
    where i can feel love through the wind that blows
    where i can see peace in the river that flows
    yeah…that’s where i want to be…
    will you come with me…?

    aku suka puisi kau tentang tasik itu…
    tak terbalas aku…:-)

  3. sceneandseen Says:

    hmm…what a thot.

  4. to sceneandsee,
    .. question is “whata f**k.. hahha. baru betull.. hii..
    aku ikum entam jehh…

    patung Cendana,
    tasik gelap
    tasik cerah
    mahupun tersimpan berbillion rahsia
    tetap manusia tertipu apa sebenar disebaliknya

    Intuisi manusia hanya tercipta dalam imaginasi…..

    to YernAIN,
    Bercinta la ngan sape2 pun.. janji bahgia..
    cinta ngan org buta lagi bagus pa????

  5. macam lagu je?
    quoting patung cendana..

  6. merahanis…
    tenggelam timbul jehh…

    Dulu ada kawan nama kay gak.. ilang tah kemana..
    tetiba muncul soranng nehh.. juz say nice.. hahah.. tenkiu…

  7. wah.
    I am here..to not dream also.
    nice 😀

  8. haaa. dah lama tak masuk page tok guru ni. hehe :p

  9. how,re you doing, katak…masih dalam mood untuk membunuh?…:-)

  10. duwenk.. what does this poem means? im sorry. im bad at figuring these things

  11. means.. hohh.. i duno..
    plus lyric lagu..
    .. bout sum1.. gal and her life..
    tahh.. hohhh

  12. eh aku sukalah.
    ayat belit2 macam ni.

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