Worthless Words

If you see the sky from the window, at the night, moonlight so awesome, its running, amazing creation. But its not easy to cacth them; the stars, sky without clouds, no rains coming or thurderbird could be dead.. And me, try to flying, seems want to bring the star from burning shines, to made a special one chain into your life and that, the durst unpleasant for me.

-Really not a worthless words.
-Sorry you have to feel so much!!

6 Responses to “Worthless Words”

  1. salam duwenk…

    lama tak jumpa…selamat berpuasa…

    re:…jamee memang bijak mengutuk mamanya…huhuhu

  2. so i said to her..

    That’s not who I wish you were.
    My words went between wind and u never ask to keep it
    Not u were to feel guilty, bcoz some apologize
    But i should say it, if i’d a mistake…
    now many times, so i blame
    to letting you disappear
    and again..

  3. wow, I hope I am as poetic as you, but I’m not. sigh

  4. salam duwenk.
    aku juga mahu terbang. petik yang dilangit. tapi semua cuma mampu aku gapai dalam mimpi. jadi mimpi juga hidup aku.

  5. mimpi.. kadang2 bukan mainan.. paling tidak, dapat juga terbang ke langit…

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