The Hands

Im on the way
Word by words shoud to say
what im really feeling about you; not really care
what im really thinking, not really dare
what im really touching, just me
my mind always judging on me
-How should to hold you to get a sunshine,
to say hello
to smile hyee..
to drawing at every walls
how really kind you were,
because the world didn’t know
you are so colourful and so wonderfull.

dear Earth…
I dont ever care who is she
“how likely you are”
“how badly you karma”
but if you running from me; made me nothing,
useless-heartless- kejadah!!!
Huh, just im said….

dear Wind…
i don’t know how your eyes looking in to me
No hopeful to asking a thanks
beside this; keep trying the best to getting you
keep trying the luck to sharing all with you
keep trying to understood any words from you
but im not disspointed;
Just praying, non-stop, in to the sky
to give me my wished, to get a strenght
to clean up all those untrusted come from.

3 Responses to “The Hands”

  1. nice one~

    sweet as 😀

  2. bagus. Tapi typo itu disengajakan ya?

  3. ok. delete la comment mye? cheh. mye pun tak main tumblr. haha :p

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