He, Not An Angel

She doesn’t heard from the words
no sense of logic, even make a magic
from every rich numbers, to happiness for ever.

She should take a breath
refreshing mind to living
from poison heart, and;
‘damn it’ to be a hopeless
seems was blamed by her sins, and
she couldn’t say falling again.

The angels wouldn’t ever surrender to bring a goodness.
And he, not an angel..

6 Responses to “He, Not An Angel”

  1. i like this one, sounds pretty mysterious.

  2. There’s no angel besides ‘Angel’
    Stop trying to be one
    Cause yes, it is not you, it will never be you
    The identity belongs to no human
    And you are just another human being
    Act like a human being
    You don’t need to be someone else;
    You don’t need to be a superhuman
    Cause if you believe in yourself
    Believe in the seeds you’ve planted;
    You will see,
    When you stand in front of the mirror
    You will see,
    That angel that you longed to be

  3. Betul. Sajak boleh berdiri sendiri tanpa dibebani norma puitisasi, ataupun gagasan penulisnya sendiri.

  4. Dur.. thanks 4visited

    saya.. Thanks 4ur advise…. i felt that..

    Wahyudimy… diksi atau norma2 lain, sy hnya ikot kata ati.. bergelendangan.. rebel.. atau berdiri sendiri.. terima kasih..

  5. crystalapple Says:

    she can’t think of anything when it comes to her angel
    even though he, not an angel

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