An Oxygen

Rise my hand, talk the mind, meaning to sky, to swim in oxygen, from burning room. An oxygen will help to more burning, untill us killed. Next home, grave was waiting; while we just unknowing smiled or cried before, but we just made it. From many time was started, we gaining more breathing and long life. And i said; Almost need an oxygen. To God or to hell..

4 Responses to “An Oxygen”

  1. lend them ur angelic motion.

    they are really human without their angelic life.

    angel R is only book

  2. The human just lend the angelic motion. A person who is really kind. But if i can borrow their wings, i’ll flying to heavan and get more motions from them. And make the whole world being a goodness things.. I mean it..

  3. wah, i love literature.

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