Thanks – Full


[Song: You Can’t Steal My Love]
[Band: Mando Diao]
[Mood: Think]


[Letter For friends]

Dear Friends,

I  just back from Alexanderia. I saw many things happened out there. About personality, life, happiness, sadness, untrusted, frusted, allocate, idyllic, scared, lonely, sidewalk, seaside, opposite the many walls without souls, airstream gave the thing coldness, beging for piece of love.

Thanks for more no thanks brought me non-stop talking by myself. My feet even no tied up walking down in street. My body couldnt feels the cold raining at 3a.m. Maybe they were couldn’t understand why me keep staring just on the way im walking while raining is falling.  They curious just to gossiping me as a madness one. Who is care?

But i said to peoples around me, i’ve no way to go. Talk to phone by myself. Feel to pain by promises. Change the thought by confused. Stand to optimis for make the things be not worst. Stay praying to god behind sins. Just they said  i desperated  to get what i want. Hopeless.

Dear friends,

You gave me your hand without know w hat i’ve done and how  i  felt exactly. No argumentative. No judging me. No confusing me. Never ask me how long will me stay in this line. If i explain that, you will said seem. So listening to me its not enough for understand me. Im glad and so excused.

Why always ‘You’?

The answer is not just You.


5 Responses to “Thanks – Full”

  1. ehem..jiwank r..

  2. us… 🙂

    have a great new year Duwenk.

  3. i luv black n white 🙂

  4. salamm tahun baru bro duwenk ittewww..

    – masai

  5. Hepi nu year fwen

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