They Always and She Said And I Paste

I took from Mye page Mye She said:

Perkara yang aku paling malas : malas nak sedih. malas nak marah. malas nak terasa.

i am glad to say that i have very few friends. i am glad that i am more to anti-social. i am glad i can choose friends better than before. i am glad i can walk on my own, and by my own.

generally stating, even the friend who treat you the nicest in the world will talk shit off your back.

even the friend who you can most count on in the world will let you down.

even the friend you loves you the most in the whole wide world will happily skin you alive.

don’t act suprise. you’re doing the same.

in this town, everyone’s a bitch. anytime and anywhere. no need to label as you label yourself in the process.

if you’re not thinking the same way as they do, they’ll bitch you out.
if you’re doing things against their principes, they’ll bitch you out.
if you don’t have the same sense of social trend, they’ll definitely bitch you out.
but if you suddenly connect for a moment, they’ll bff you?

even if they don’t fucking know you?

ay, shibal-geseki ya.

i’m immuned, and it is just how it is. but a bit sad you haven’t realised all this. just, don’t get all your hopes high. people are people.

[Aku suka dan aku copy and aku paste]
[Thanks for mye bcoz not suing me]


One Response to “They Always and She Said And I Paste”

  1. HAHA! Saikool sey. Hee. Takde masalah copyright disini 😉

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